Inaugural partnership with World of Watches 2 & Kultskins Handcrafted for Grand Seiko Launch. 11/11/2016

By |November 18th, 2016|Blog, Leather Care, Watch Care|

Dicon Leather Care is very honored to be invited by World of Watches 2, to support their launch of Grand Seiko Museum on the 11th of November 2016. A cosy but solid group of Grand Seiko aficionados turned up for this inaugural event. The occasion also featured Kultskins Handcrafted for their handmade leather straps for [...]

Review: Seiko SBDC003 aka “Blumo”.

By |November 14th, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

This watch, just like Michael Jackson, needs no further introduction. It’s one of the evergreen Japan Domestic Model (JDM) Dive Watches by Seiko. She is extremely popular in Singapore and all around the world, and many reviews are available online. I will do my very best to give an objective point of view on this [...]

Review: Junkers W33 Swiss Automatic Day/Date Titanium Case Watch 6468-5 Atlantikflug W33

By |November 8th, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

My collection of Junkers has been quietly growing. Dangerously, quietly growing if I may add. Besides being a War History Junkie, having good luck in acquiring these German Made Time pieces in a good price plays a big part as well. Today, I am reviewing my first ever Junkers. She’s paying tribute to a classic [...]

Review: Panzera Breuer 44 (1st Generation)

By |October 31st, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

Folks who love their watches complicated, you can skip to the next page now. I am about to review a simplistic Bauhaus-style watch. She’s clean. She’s sterile. She just wants to tell you the time accurately. She may be boring to some, but not to me. I am sucker for Bauhaus watches. Introducing you, the [...]

De Time Pte Ltd & Dicon Leather Care Event 27/10/16

By |October 27th, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

De Time Pte Ltd. and Dicon Leather Care hosted the inaugural event for Leather Care for watches on the 27th of October 2016. Despite the pouring rain on that cooling Thursday, we managed to garner a cozy group of watch lovers to learn more about Leather on watch straps. Here are some of the photos [...]

Review: Dievas Vintage 3646

By |October 24th, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

I got this watch 6 years ago as a gift. A precious gift from my ex-girlfriend-now-wife on my 30th Birthday. Just like how all my heavy metal music friends commented, “If you wish to start listening to Heavy Metal, you got to go back old-school.”. We stand firm on this statement. It goes the same [...]

Review: Seiko SSA051K1

By |October 18th, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

Word cannot express my love for PVD watches.....Really Can't. When I first learnt about this watch, it was at the height of the 4R Calibre craze. I paid a small (but reasonable) premium for this piece and never once I thought of selling or flipping her. Introducing you the SSA051K1, Seiko Stealth Military running on [...]

Review: Panzera Aqua Marine 45 in PVD (Pacific Spirit Model)

By |October 10th, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

I have the honour to be invited by De Time Pte Ltd to review one of their best seller in their boutique: The Panzera Aqua Marine 45 (AQ45) in PVD. I instantly connected with the watch, partly because of my love for heavy metal music. This one goes out to you, Dimebag. (RIP 8th December [...]

Review: Straits Foundry Expedition Sandblasted 36/500

By |October 3rd, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

Straits Times, Straits Index, Straits of Malacca, Straits of Singapore & now I present to you: Straits Foundry. The founder and owner of Straits Foundry saw one of the reviews I wrote and decided to reach out to me. He has requested that I write an objective review of the watch and I am very [...]

Review: Junkers Bauhaus Power Reserve 6060-5

By |September 27th, 2016|Blog, Watch Care|

One of the evergreen comment (or warning, or advice) given to me is "Horology is an expensive hobby." Heard that before? I hear that all the time. I mean all the time. But hey, guess what? So is Table-Tennis, so is Golf, so isCollecting Toys and Stamps.. The point is: every hobby could potentially be [...]