Our absolute best seller: The Leather Handbag Care Kit Deluxe

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In this fast paced city life that we are currently living in, convenience, time saving products are epitome in our daily lives. Think 2-in-1 shampoos: When it was invented and launched in 80's, people are so attracted to the convenience and sales shot up the roof. It is a classic pick-and-go model which is still [...]

Changi Airport Group X Dicon Leather Care

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Delivering 500 units of customised deluxe leather care kits to Changi Airport Group on 2nd of May 2019.

5% Discount + Free Polishing Cloth with every purchase.

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The title of this post says it all. To thank you for your continuous support, we are giving a further 5% discount and a free polishing cloth worth $6.90 for every purchase. No minimum spent. Valid until 31st of August 2020, while stock last. Enter Code: DICONX before checking out. Thank you for choosing Dicon [...]

Dicon X: Our best kept secret yet.

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Previously only available to trade partners in bulk purchases, Dicon-X is now available to you. It has a whooping 7-in-1 ability, ensuring the ultimate care for your leather care products. It can clean, wax, water proof, nourish, condition, shine and soften leather at the same time. It remains effective when liquified. With raving reviews from [...]

Cleaning your leather bag in 4 simple steps.

By |June 23rd, 2020|Blog, Leather Care, Leather Cleaning Services| Special thanks to Mr. Jimmy Fok and his fine crew at Calibre Pictures and Ideas for this professional production.

Cleanliness and Hygiene for Bags

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In today's topic, we will be talking about cleanliness and hygiene of bags. Handbags, Briefcases, Gymbags, School Bags and so on. So what about them?   Have you ever noticed, people would set their bags on public toilet floors, then go directly to their meals and place the very same bag on the table while [...]

Sofa King Leather Cleaning Service: Massimmo 5+1 L in Cream.

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We started Sofa King Leather Cleaning Services in April of 2016. Time flies, we will be celebrating One year anniversary in a couple of months. Previously known as "So Far The Best Guys", Sofa King Leather Cleaning Services is a subsidiary of Jaspe Creations. We exclusively use Dicon Leather Care products for all of our cleaning [...]

Inaugural partnership with World of Watches 2 & Kultskins Handcrafted for Grand Seiko Launch. 11/11/2016

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Dicon Leather Care is very honored to be invited by World of Watches 2, to support their launch of Grand Seiko Museum on the 11th of November 2016. A cosy but solid group of Grand Seiko aficionados turned up for this inaugural event. The occasion also featured Kultskins Handcrafted for their handmade leather straps for [...]