In this fast paced city life that we are currently living in, convenience, time saving products are epitome in our daily lives.

Think 2-in-1 shampoos: When it was invented and launched in 80’s, people are so attracted to the convenience and sales shot up the roof. It is a classic pick-and-go model which is still very relevant in today’s context.

Dicon Leather Care has a wide range of such products which are still very popular till today. It sure seems like “the endless pursue of convenience” has never changed over the last 4 decades!

There is, however, another group of people who would bother to “take-time- to-take-care”. They will buy shampoo and conditioner separately, for the fact that they wish to be in control on how much to use for each product. Oh yeah, don’t forget the hair mask and serum too.

We wanted to combined the two mindset of “pick-and-go” with “Take-time-to-take-care. How? We carefully select 4 of our best selling items and put them together as a kit, like an all-star rock band. Then we conceptualise the flow, with simple instructions on how to the kit effectively.

2 minute video on how to use The Leather Handbag Care Kit Deluxe effectively. Courtesy of Calibre Pictures and Ideas.

The feedback: Very well received all rounds from our direct clients, distributors and retailers. With our attractive price points, good quality leather care products, and now with a all-in-one solution with easy-to-use instructions.

Pick-and-go & Take-time-to-take-care with our The Leather Handbag Care Kit Deluxe today at: