It has been a while since we published a full watch review, in conjunction with the sharing the goodness of Strap Shine by Dicon. Today, we had the pleasure of meeting the folks behind Boldr, a successful kickstarter company, a watch company with a bold story to tell.

It is part of our partnership, as we write a review of their latest offering: The Odyssey. We are reviewing Odyssey White Storm in today’s review. You can find out more about them and take a look at the rest of the 2 variants at:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1413 x 2048)Image

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1694 x 1747)Here’s what we think.

What we like about the watch:

The size and weight: The White Storm may feel hefty on the wrist in the beginning, but it did not take us too long to get use to this Goliath of a diver. It feels rather comfortable after a while, despite of the weight.

The clarity of the dial: Time telling on the White Storm is easy. Nice clean dial and with semi-skeleton hands. We tend to prefer non-complicated dials, and the White Storm scored points in this department.


Double Dome Sapphire Crystal: This like correlates with the point mentioned above, where the anti-reflective feature of the Double Dome Sapphire Crystal really helps to give the dial uncompromised clarity. This feature is really helpful when wearers are doing actual deep sea diving.

Superluminova: While the folks at Dicon Leather Care admire fine time pieces, but we do not pay much attention the lume. However, we recognized the fact that lume may be a deal breaker for some watch collectors and admirers. We did not test on the brightness of the lume, unfortunately.

Good news is that official information given by Boldr, the lume of all the Odyssey range is dive worthy. One tick “checked” for all your lume fans who are reading this.
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The DLC Bezel: It feels solid while turning, and the riveted indicators gave the White Storm a very masculine touch. The metallic grey/black really stands out from the white dial.

Dive functionality: 500m? A commercial or military diver only dive to 60m at max. 500m is plenty. Definitely a talking point in a conversation about in functions and parties amongst watch aficionados.

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Movement/Calibre chosen: NH35 by Seiko. Reliability and Accuracy. Easy to maintain and ease of finding a watchmaker to service in any part of the world. Good choice.

Rigid Testing of Prototype: The folks at Boldr had shared that the three Odyssey Prototype produced, have gone through actual dive expeditions. Yes, actual deep sea diving. The White Storm that we are reviewing have gone down deep under… and survived. This is a promise and dedication from Boldr that all the Odyssey are built to last.
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Option of 2 different straps: Leather Strap for the serious occasion, and rubber strap when you are ready for adventure. The wearer gets to have a choice! That’s the magical thing about dive watches, you have two very different watches once the strap is changed.

The Overall Construction: Rock Solid and ready to adventure. Not for the meek or the weak!Zoom in (real dimensions: 2048 x 1707)


Attention to details: Triple signed on Buckle, Crown and Caseback, that’s given. The highlight, though, is the Caseback. It is engraved with an art piece of an upcoming artiste from Melbourne Australia, Ashwin Royan.

The folks from Boldr made it a point to feature an artiste whom they believed in, and have them featured in all watches’ caseback. This has given us another reason to respect and admire the spirit of Boldr Timepieces. Not only they are doing a fine job in having successfully funded kick starter projects, but also giving up-coming artistes a chance to shine.


What we think that the Odyssey can improve on or change:

Structurally, we have nothing to complain about the Odyssey by Boldr. It’s robustly built timepiece. However, we feel that some of the details on the dial may not be necessary.

Chapter Ring: The words “Helium Escape Valve” and “Triple Locking Crown” are already known by the wearer upon purchasing. We feel that there is no need to remind the wearer of the features of the watch.

If we can suggest to replace these words to repetition of “Boldr” circling around the chapter ring. Perhaps the serial number or model number unique to the watch. Or even the name of the model “White Storm” just subtly at the 12 or 6 o’clock position.

Or simple have the chapter ring in one solid color might add more character to the Odyssey.

“Japan Movt” at the 6 o’clock position: That would be a “prime real estate” of a watch dial where watches from Europe would proudly state “Swiss Made” or “Made in Germany”, or indicating the model of the caliber chosen for the time piece, assuring the wearer of the quality of the watch.

Perhaps Boldr can consider replacing “Japan Movt” to another text which is more meaningful? We suggest something along the line with the spirit and story behind Boldr. Which we will share at the end of the review.
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Conclusion: Odyssey by Boldr is a solidly built diver watch, suitable for extreme adventures or in serious corporate environment. Price for Early bird backers starts from only SGD385 via Kickstarter, we feel the Odyssey is spec-ed out watch and extremely value for money.

Folks who have seen pictures online, or from this review, might feel that this 45.5mm goliath might be too big for the wrist. The feel and comfort of the Odyssey might just as well surprise you, like how it surprised us.

What truly impressed us with the Odyssey and Boldr watches is the spirit and story behind them. The representative of Boldr, who introduce the Odyssey to us told us briefly why the name Boldr was chosen. We are very moved by it.

In our very own words, we will try to paraphrase without losing their intention: Everyone is facing a hard challenge or making decisions big or small every single day. Sometimes, all we need is a that extra bit of guts, courage and boldness to proceed with what we feel is right.

Boldr watches are created to be with the wearer in good times and bad times; perhaps it the Odyssey could be a gentle but firm reminder to be braver and Boldr to achieve what you want in life.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Boldr for the new launch of the Odyssey.

Thanks and acknowledgement: Special thanks to Leon Chee of Boldr Watches to invite Dicon Leather Care to review their latest offering. We look forward to many more of Boldr’s timepieces moving forward. You can pledged this project and purchase your very own Odyssey with the following link:

Last notes: The leather strap on this handsome looking Odyssey White Storm is conditioned, with permission, using Strap Shine by Dicon. To find out how your leather strap can be maintained with extension of its lifespan, please write to us at to find out more.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, please be kind to one another.