With pleasure and honor, we are invited by de Time once again to do another watch review. We are reviewing Panzera’s latest offering, the Flieger 47M 2017 (RRP from SGD $899).

While the Flieger 47 2016, the first generation Flieger, is still available at Panzera’s webstore; but de Time has completely sold them off, and to focus solely on this handsome & new 2017 model moving forward.

There three variants of the Flieger 47M 2017, namely the Arado (Chrome Stainless Steel), Wulf (Stealth Black PVD) and Dornier (Rose Gold Plated). We have the pleasure to handle the Arado for this review.
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Before we start, here’s the technical specs of the watch lifted from Panzera’s official page:


What we like about this watch:

The size: At 47mm, The Flieger 47M is menacing and it looks like it means business. It is loud in a generous and stunning way and really show its presence in any occasion.

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“Big Diamond” Screw Down crown: A popular feature for Dive watches usually, and seldom seen in Pilot ones. This feature would give most owners peace of mind for the water resistance ability. The sensation of winding of the crown is very enjoyable and comfortable too. The anchor design of Panzera adds that irony with some “water elements” in this Pilot Style Watch.

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Anti-reflective Coating S-Flex Crystal: We thought Panzera’s Breuer 44’s crystal was already very impressive, with nice shade of blue in certain angle; making the dial “turned-blue” from time to time. Click here for our review: http://www.leather-care.sg/2016/10/31/review-panzera-breuer-44-1st-generation/

The Anti-reflective Coating S-Flex Crystal on the Flieger 47M, has brought this to the next level. We are just going to lift the text it the official description from the Panzera’s official page:

S-LEX Crystal is an ulta hardened proprietary mineral crystal compound created specifically for PANZERA. S-LEX has been designed to better withstand impact that can damage double domed shaped watch crystals. It can also better resist surface scratching that can occur on traditional mineral crystals. S-LEX is a superior choice for double domed watch crystals in terms of strength, durability and increased readability.

Nuff said. We would not have explained it better and we are blown to pieces. Completely.
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The dial: The midnight dial (jet black) with indicators in white is very well made. With the combination of the Anti-reflective Coating S-Flex Crystal, the Flieger 47M’s dial shimmers in black and blue, allowing the owner to admire discreeting in different timing of the sun or with lightings in different environment. That’s a major plus for us.

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Versatility: Just by swopping the straps between leather bands and nato can help the Flieger 47 instantly transforms itself, from a serious corporate looking time piece to a fun-loving weekend casual watch.

Its dial is midnight black in colour with white indicators; and most nato straps and dark colour leather bands would suit it. Perfect for strap craze fans like all of us here at Dicon Leather Care.
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The open case back design:  The stainless steel “ring” displayed at the open case back, has a turbine-like design with slanted stripes. Combined with the circling motion of the rotor on the Miyota, the visual is magic.

The open case back resembles an engine of an airplane, fitting on a human wrist. While we suspect the ring is part of the movement holder (Miyota Movement is not very big, unlike an ETA Unitas 6497), the design is subtle but awesome. It’s only for those who knows and appreciate.
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The movement: Miyota 8s equals to reliability and robustness. Not to mention this it is very accurate too. We cannot emphasize more: Miyota is catching up very strongly in the watch movement making industry, providing movements to numerous established and microbrands alike.

Most watch makers would be very familiar with this movement; giving the owner the convenience of servicing and repair when the occasion arises.
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What we think the Flieger 47M can improve on:

The day/date function of this watch, also featured in Panzera’s Aquamarine 45, is practical and useful for the owner. However, we feel that if the dial would be more elegant without it. Perhaps, Panzera can consider a Flieger 47M variant without the day/date function and perhaps with a different colour dial?

A different colour dial might make the Flieger 47M more interesting. Navy or Royal Blue Dial combined with the Anti-reflective Coating S-Flex Crystal, making the Flieger 47M “Blue on Blue”. An idea for a limited edition in the future, perhaps?
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Conclusion: The Flieger 47M is a timepiece in the spirit of vintage aerospace age, with a modern size and vibe. It is well-built with a reliable movement, and owners can expect to enjoy the Flieger 47M in almost all occasions, with very little worry in terms of maintenance and reliability.

The “Big Pilot” Style is not a new concept, and watch collectors may be very well aware which Swiss Brand Panzera drew its inspiration from. The Flieger 47M, however, still remains very relevant in the current watch collecting concept. At its price point, collectors can expect a lot from the Flieger 47M with a bucket load of features, strength, timeless design and reliability, at a big fraction of the price.

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Invitation: In continuation of the strong partnership between de Time and Dicon Leather Care, we hosting de Time’s 3rd Anniversary by launching Panzera’s Flieger 47M officially, on the 3rd of March 2017 (Friday), from 6– 9pm at de Time itself.

Other exciting highlights also include the special appearance of the new ambassador of Panzera, (featuring the Flieger 47M, of course), the announcement of the winner of the Platin St. Valentine’s Day Words + Photo contest and a lucky draw to win one the three Panzera’s Breuer 44 as a finale! Light refreshments will be provided for our guests.

Bonus: The entire Panzera collection is going at 33% discount only for that day. How’s that for a third year anniversary for de Time on the 3rd of March 2017? Punt intended.

Please RSVP your attendance by messaging Russell of de Time at 9339 4798 or Remy Fan of Dicon Leather Care at 90038310 before the 28th of February 2017.
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Thanks and acknowledgement: Special thanks to Keven and Russell of de Time for this special invitation to review again. You can find the Panzera’s Flieger 47M 2017 and the rest of Panzera’s collection located at Clarke Quay Central 6 Eu Tong Sen St #01-37 Singapore 059817.
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Last notes: The handsome 24mm Croc-Embossed Genuine Leather Strap on this week’s review is conditioned by Strap Shine by Dicon. Feel free to reach out to us at hello@jaspe.com.sg to find out how you can make your leather strap soft and supple and adding years to its life.

Thank you for taking time to read this review; we hope to see you at our celebration on the 3rd of March 2017.