Text: Remy Fan

Photos of Mr. Goh at work: Remy Fan

Photo of Remy Fan & Mr. Goh: Mr. Richard “Trident” Erh.

Although we launched Strap Shine by Dicon only in August 2016 but our friendship with K2 Watch Company’s Mr. SM Goh goes back almost 10 years ago. His encouragement and feedback have definitely played an important role of the launch of this new product.

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There numerous write up about this living legend and one of our favourites is by Justin Tay; we recommend it. You read the write up in details as follow: https://nushorology.wordpress.com/2015/07/04/horolocals-k2-watch-company/ We are not affiliated to Justin Tay in anyway ,and our recommendation for this read is purely out of goodwill and interest of our readers.

Since there are so many interviews about Mr. Goh already available online, we have decided to make ours a little different. This write up is cross between a review of K2 Watch Company with positive (but unbiased) comments, and completing one or two unusual questions for the man himself.
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We will highly recommend K2 Watch Company’s services due to the following:

  1. They have reasonable and affordable prices on brand new in box watches, especially popular Seikos watches and occasionally Citizen ones.
  2. Prompt and fast basic services such replacement of batteries, replacement of crystals and diagnosis of faulty watches’ problem.
  3. K2 Watch Company is one of the most affordable retail stores for leather strap replacements and purchasing of Nato / Zulu straps.
  4. K2 Watch Company offers repair services at an affordable and reasonable fee with prompt turnaround time (from 14 working days).
  5. Mr. Goh of K2 Watch Company is honest and candid about his services. To uphold his reputation, he will sometimes turn down requests if he is not familiar or confident about the repair.
  6. Mr. Goh of K2 Watch Company services one customer at the time regardless of race, language or religion (one of the key phrases from Singapore National Pledge), and gives his full attention to the customer. His language ability is rock solid too: He speaks English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malayu. How about that for a multi-cultural society in Singapore?

The only thing we wish for is that Mr. Goh has more time to rest! He opens 7 days a week from 1pm to 7pm; this is very commendable for a one-man operation.
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Here are the two questions we have for him.

Remy: If there is one other career you will choose other than dealing with watches, what would it be?

Mr. Goh: *smiles* Few minutes of silence passed (which seems like hours when you are waiting for a reply), while he carries his repairing in his work desk. Finally, with another smile on his face, he finally replied humbly: 我真的不知道哩。。。(“I really don’t know” in Chinese.)

Remarks: This fine gentleman has dedicated his youth and his life into his work in horology, his wife and daughters too. (Mr. Goh wanted me to add the last line.) We give him our utmost respect and admiration for his hard work and dedication over the years.

Remy: What advices would you give to the next generation of watchmakers?

Mr. Goh: Never stop learning. Read up about the latest news about watches constantly, and exposed to different movement (to be relevant in this trade). The world of watches are very similar to other industries in many ways, things are changing constantly and nothing ever stays the same.

(Carries on in and joking and jovial tone) But nah, young people should do something else. Watchmaking is hard work and requires very long hours. I did not study very hard in my younger days, that’s why I am doing what I am doing now. **Mr. Goh blushes and carried on with his work**.

Mr. Goh, here’s an old but gold saying for you: If you found a job you like, you don’t have a work a day. You have already won all of our hearts here at Dicon Leather Care, and we wish you the very best, with many more years of great work in the horology trade. Stay happy and healthy as always.
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Thanks and acknowledgement:

Special thanks to Mr. SM Goh of K2 Watch Company for accepting our invitation for this interview and taking photograph of him at work. You can locate him at 845, Geylang Road, Tanjong Katong Complex #03-K1 Singapore 400845. Tel: 6746 0270

Thanks to Mr. Richard “Trident” Erh for taking photos.

Last notes: While K2 Watch Company is not our appointed retailer for Strap Shine by Dicon, but Mr. Goh has a tin of Strap Shine for folks who wish to try out for free. Ask him about how you can revitalize and moisturize your leather straps with Strap Shine by Dicon, when you pay him a visit next.

Here’s wishing one and all a prosperous and healthy lunar new year of the Golden Rooster! 恭祝各位鸡会连连,鸡极向上,恭喜发财,万事如意。Until next time, please remember to be kind to one another.