This is a new watch. It’s so new, that the official website is not even up yet.

Introducing you, Platin Watch from South Korea. We are pleased to be invited by de Time to review one of their latest and most fashionable offerings. There is a competition to celebrate the season of love on 14th of February 2017 (Yes, for St. Valentine’s Day), the winner stands to win a pair of Platin Watch worth SGD 398.00. Please read this review to the end, to find out how to enter and win.

Now, on with the review.

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Today, I am reviewing a very handsome Platin’s Mens Size watch. It features a 42mm dial (44mm with crown), Japan Epson Y121 (Seiko Quartz Movement) underneath hood, a full leather dial and genuine leather strap (lug width 22mm) by Buttero, Italy. While there is little information about Platin Watches online, there’s no lack of news and contents about the boutique Italian leather house. Please click on to find out more.
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What I like about this watch:

Versatility for every occasion: The folks from de Time have reccommended that I use a “Casual-Lazy-Sunday” angle to write about this piece, but I found the watch equally charming in shirt, pants and tie. Partly due the high quality of the leather strap, coupled with the leather dial, the Platin exudes a tint of luxury despite of her affordable price point.
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The very high quality leather strap: I have been helping out in this family business dealing with leather care since I was a teenager. While I am not qualified as a leather expert yet, I can certainly tell the difference between a good quality leather from sub-quality one after 20 years.

The leather strap by Buttero is sturdy, well made and it’s the type of strap when the more often you wear, the better it becomes. The folks from de Time has applied a few coat of  Strap Shine by Dicon, making the leather strap every more supple, softer and more enjoyable to wear.
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The Packaging: Each Platin Watch comes with a rock-solid card-board box with thick sponge cushioning. International warranty and the certificate of authenticity by Buttero is also included for a peace of mind. The packing is highly presentable as a gift in any occasion. I will take this opportunity to introduce you the folks behind de Time: Mr. Keven Chua and Mr. Russell Tsao.

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The full leather dial: I have not seen another watch with this feature. With the combination of the high quality Buttero Leather Strap, the full leather dial gives the watch a holistic feel, making her truly a “Full-Leather Watch”. The 3-6-9-12 is indicated by a stitches, giving the dial a very “handmade” feel. “Back-to-basic”…. Yes, that’s the phrase I was looking for. Simple, fun, casual but luxurious at the same time.
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The stainless steel casing and buckle: Even at an affordable point, Platin did not scrimp on these features of the watch. The solidly made case and buckle added the final touch to all Platin Watches, making her feel like a dependable timepiece for all occasions. There are 8 models of Platin Watches available, they are all available at de Time while stocks last.
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What I think the watch can improve on: To make the watch even more elegant or even more “back to basic”, perhaps Platin can consider a range of watches without second-hands. While it may take a minute or two to see if the watch is working (as there is no ticking of the second hand for a quick verification), especially after battery change. However in my humble opinion, a two handed watch can bring out the elegance of Platin even more.

The logo of Platin beneath the 11 – 1 o’clock is a little big for my taste. By decreasing the font size to 1 or 2 points smaller, it will make the logo more subtle; the leather feature of the watch can stand out even more.

The above two comments are subjective and strictly my own opinions and have no affiliations with Platin Watch and de Time.
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Conclusion: Platin Watches are fun, casual-lazy-Sunday-like but looks great on serious occasions too. Due to the full leather feature of the watch, Platin is a lot of fun to wear and enjoy, while exuding a tint of Italian Luxury. When the ladies size Platin watches are coupled with this one, it makes a perfect give for St. Valentine’s Day. Which brings me to:
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“St. Valentine’s Day Words + Photo” by Platin Watch:

Simply write us a One-Liner, combined with a photo on how / where you can enjoy a Platin Watch, by the 13th of February 2017 (Monday) before 2359hrs (1159pm). Start the one-liner “I will enjoy a full-leather Platin Watch…” and paste it on the wall of Platin’s Official Facebook Page.

The best passage and photo will walk away win a pair of Platin Watch (Men’s and Ladies’s size) in this season of love worth SGD 398.00.

Here’s an example: I will enjoy a full-leather Platin Watch on a cool evening drive to pick my Wife up after work.

The most creative one liner  and photo will walk away win a pair of Platin Watch (Men’s and Ladies’s size) in this season of love worth SGD 398.00. Please send in your entries to the official Platin’s facebook page:

Note that there is no entry form on the facebook page, simply post it on the wall! Hope you win. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Thanks and acknowledgement: Special thanks to Keven & Russell for their kind invite for review Platin Watch as our second watch review of the year. You can locate them at Clarke Quay Central 6 Eu Tong Sen St #01-37 The Central Singapore 059817, or visit their website at

The Buttero Leather Strap on this Platin Watch is coated with Strap Shine by Dicon. To find out how your watch’s leather strap can feel soft and supple like this Platin, please reach out to us at +65 90038310 or
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Full packaging of Platin Watch: 1) Presentation Box 2) Certificate of Authenticity of Leather Straps by Buttero and 3) The international warranty by Platin, and of course 4) Platin Watch itself.
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Zoom in (real dimensions: 1536 x 661)Thank you for taking time to read this review and please take part in the “St. Valentine’s Day Words + Photo” by Platin Watch before the 13th of Feburary 2017 (Monday). Until next time, we hope the winner in you! Take care in the meantime and please be kind to one and other.