My collection of Junkers timepieces was a wonderful surprise and unintended journey. Besides Seiko, Junkers is my next strongest brand in my collection. I like them for their tribute to the rich history of the Germany’s Aviation, the overall construction and built. Finally, their excellent value for a “Made in Germany” wristwatch.

Today, I am reviewing the Junkers Cockpit JU52 in PVD. It’s a tribute to a vintage pilot-style watch with a Cal. 821A, Miyota 21 jewel automatic (self winding) movement, a date display at 3:00.
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SuperLuminova treated hands and markers, black dial, mineral crystal and an exhibition case back showing off the Miyota Movement; Includes a 40mm black PVD treated stainless steel case and a black PVD diamond cut crown.

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Here are the rest of the technical details lifted from the internet:

Movement: Miyota Cal. 821A Automatic (self-winding)

Case: Black PVD stainless Steel, 40mm x 12mm thick.

Back: Exhibition screw-in back

Crystal: Hardened Mineral

Band: Hand made black leather, buckle closure. 20mm.

Water Resistant: 50 metersZoom in (real dimensions: 1536 x 1152)


What I like about the watch:

The size: At the current trend where big watches are dominating the scene, the JU52 wishes to bring the wearer back in time, where watches are meant to be a discreet time telling instrument, hiding underneath the sleeve. The infamous IWC Mark XVIII is also at 40mm. Surely, this cannot be a coincidence. Or could it?

The PVD Coating: She’s stealth, she’s silent and she could be deadly. The stealth-look of the JU52 is simply irresistible to me. I bought my JU52 used and the warranty slip suggests that she’s 3 years old when she left the boutique. No sign of discoloration and the PVD coating seems strong; I will continue to observe and offer and updates.

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The Movement: I own a couple of Miyota Cal. 821A caliber watches, they are just a “no-brainer” for any beginners or season watch collectors. Reliable, accurate and easily serviceable at an affordable fee. Three of the most important criteria when purchasing a watch.

The PVD Diamond Cut Crown: The winding of that big crown on this smallish watch is really quite enjoyable. You can feel the smoothness of the Miyota by gently winding; a subtle reminder that the wrist watch is operated by a mechanism. Winding the crown something that I do leisurely, to kill time while waiting something mundane in solitude. (While waiting for) the lift, the Subway, someone to pickup the telephone, my turn to sing in a karaoke bar, tele-conference with someone from the UK…you get the idea.
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SuperLuminova treated hands and markers: They glow in blue. BLUE. Period. Lume just can’t get cooler than that.

Versatility in style in strap changing: I have had this watch in various style of strap combination, including PVD Steel Mesh, James Bond Style Nato, Military style Zulu, Croc-print padded leather band, and one this review Brown Leather Band on Black Bund. The JU52 simply changes and morph into another watch after the strap change.

If there is a watch that would look good in any strap combination I throw at her, the Junkers JU52 is right up there at the top of my list. Blessed with a classic vintage good looks, and a very safe stealth black in colour, the JU52 is a superstar amongst my arsenal of strap collection.
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Looks good on ladies too: The fashion code in the world of horology is ever-changing. Back in the days, wearing a boy size watch at 32mm for gentlemen is a fashion statement. Today, it’s not unusual to see ladies wearing men’s size watch for both work and leisure. The JU52 is just right smack in the middle and very suitable for both sexes. Simply buy a shorter leather strap or put on a Nato, the watch can be shared comfortably between couples.

The exhibition case back: The rotor of the movement gave the origin away immediately. A clear signature of a Miyota workhorse. However, the engraved “Fine German Wristwatches” at the rotor adds that nice touch to the attention for details. For extreme War History Fans, all it needs is fine Italian Leather Strap and it could be the rebirth of the Axis Power…as a wristwatch…but let’s not get there.
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What I think the watch can improve:

The original leather straps: Only one thing, I feel that the watch can seriously improve on. Like my experience for the rest of the Junkers wristwatches, the leather strap breaks and disintegrates very quickly and does not last. Especially the underside of the leather straps, the strap degrades and flakes in matter of weeks. Perhaps it’s the humidity of Singapore that is the culprit of my plight, but perhaps Pointec and the crew of Junkers can look into improving the quality in this aspect.


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Conclusion: The JU52 Cockpit PVD is an instant hit for me. Good size to share with the Mrs, versatile in terms of strap changing for that new look regularly, reliable Japanese Mechanical Movement that will last me for years, branded “Made in Germany”, respectable brand for an easy resell when the occasion arises. Above all, it’s PVD. I got a grand weakness for PVD Stealth Watches. I am just short of saying that I am “sucker” for PVD watches, but I am better than that. *wink*
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Additional notes: My preferred boutique in purchasing Junkers Wristwatches is Bronze Age. The leather strap on the JU52 in this review is by ZRC, a fine leather strap made in France, is also available there. You can locate them at Blk 531 Upper Cross Street, #02-66A, Hong Lim Complex,Singapore 050531 T +65 6536 2416. Limited quantity of The Junkers JU52 PVD Automatic is available at Bronze Age, please pay them a visit or call to enquire. Their selling prices are very competitive and the customer service excellence is beyond compare.
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The photos are taken in Godspeed Autotechnik, located at 15 Kaki Bukit Road 4, #01-51 Bartley Biz Centre, Bartley Biz Centre, 417808 Phone: 8228 2877. Special thanks to Chief Lyonel Tan and the crew of Godspeed for allowing me to take these fine photos in their workshop.
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The ZRC strap on the JU52 is conditioned and protected by Strap Shine by Dicon. To find out how you can enjoy a nice supple and soft touch to a brand new leather strap, please contact us at or visit us at to fine our more.
Thank you for taking time in reading our first watch review in 2017. Here’s wishing one and all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.