No prizes for guessing where the photos of the Tres by Botta Design was taken. Special thanks to Chef Willin Low and his crew of Wild Rocket for allowing me to take pictures for today’s review.


Did Botta invented Bauhaus watches? No. But do they make Bauhaus style watches? Yes. Are they the only company that makes Bauhaus watches? No. As a matter of fact, plenty of Bauhaus designs out there.

Then why review another Bauhaus when I already did 2? Because Botta Design rocks. They make such good stuff, that I feel that this review is long overdue.

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From the construction and the reliability of the watch, to the design and finally to the customer service, my Botta Design Tres will forever be endearing to me.

Though it’s a simple 3 handed watch with an additional date function, my Tres has gone through several modifications to look like what she is today. I will explain along the way. Now, on with the review.
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What I like about the watch (Part 1):

The Dial: The dial is so clean. I mean, it’s SO CLEAN. Besides the Arabic numbering, and the date counter, it’s just the “Botta “logo right beneath the 12 o’clock position. It didn’t even have the word “Automatic” or other micro inscriptions to clutter the design. The spirit of Bauhaus in the purest form. Another hand built miniature train clock on wrist for me.

The weight: The stainless steel used on the Tres is so light, it’s almost as close as titanium. It’s really comfortable on the wrist and your hardly feel the weight.

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What I like about the watch (Part 2):

MIG/SM: One of Botta Design’s direction is “Made in Germany meets Swiss Made”. All the movement used, Automatic or Quartz, are all Swiss Made and the rest is from The Fatherland. Two international powerhouses of watch making in one time piece. Nuff said.

The look / versatility: All Botta Design Watches are simply easy on the eyes. If I have the choice I would very much own their entire catalogue! My Tres is no less handsome then the rest and it can wear it in most occasion. Polo T + Chinos + loafers + Tres? Good to go. Shirt + Pants + Suit + Oxford + Tres? Good to go. Tank Top + Beach Bermudas + Slippers + Tres? Good to go. Goodness, I could be wearing nothing but my Tres I will still feel sexy.
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Tres on a Staghorn at Wild Rocket.
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What I like about the watch (Part 3):

The quality of the construction: It’s been 8 years since I have bought my Tres and it’s only been serviced once by a local watch maker in Singapore due to wear and tear. No matter how supremely good the watch is made, an overhaul once in a while would still be necessary to extend the longevity. 8 years once? That’s a pretty good score if you ask me. I have had some Swiss Made watches which needed attention in less than 5 years.

The ergonomic design: A part of it is attributed to the Tres’s weight which is mentioned earlier, but what’s fascinating about the Tres is that she has some Omega Dynamic features too. She is simply so comfortable on the wrist, that it does not knock on to your wrist bone when wearing. The Tres just cleverly glides pass your wristbone, as if she was water. You gotto wear one to believe it.
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What I like about the watch (Part 4):

The Leather Strap: The original leather strap that came with the Tres has been going strong for the past 8 years. Of course there are some signs of wear and tear, but the quality is so high that the integrity of the strap remains. Now that we fervently advocating the goodness of Strap Shine by Dicon, who knows? It might last for another eight years.

The position of the spring bar: A common problem for strap-changing lovers is to see the space between the lug hole and the strap. Botta Design’s watches nails that problem effectively but hiding the position of the spring bar underneath the watch case, eliminating the problem completely. Best of all, it would fit any generic 22mm width leather strap. Brilliant.
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What I like about the watch (Part 5):

The customer service: I will save the best for the last.

There was a small problem with my Tres in the beginning. The crown of the Tres catches the front pocket of my pants, causing it to the watch to stop as it moves to the position for time adjustment. I wrote in directly to Botta and came back with a suggestion to change the crown a little smaller. They send me some replacement parts with their compliments (i.e. for free) and suggest that I send the watch to local watch maker.

Although it was not ideal as winding up the watch with a smaller crown was not as comfortable, but it did solve the problem.

A couple of years later, the Tres has a new look with more Train-Clock like hand set (the original was Rolex Duaphine 1601 style hands). I wrote in to ask if I could buy the hands from them, and wrote back and thank me for their support and sent me the hands in gratis. Mind you, it was a couple of years later not days, weeks or months. They still obliged!

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What I like about the watch (Part 5 Continue..):

Finally, in the not so distant past, the Tres has yet another improvement. The crown of the new Tres has a tyre-grid groove. The crown is bigger, looks cooler than my then-smallish crown. I am just trying my luck to see if I can purchase this crown, perhaps it won’t have the same problem? They wrote back and, you guess it, offer the crown for free.

It’s not like I am super regular customer and I would buy one Botta Design watch once per year. It’s my only Botta watch, which I bought from a Singapore distributor in 2009. I have only ONE BOTTA DESIGN WATCH. And yet, they treated me like I was Kanye West in a fancy Italian restaurant in downtown Manhattan.

Above all, the correspondence was swift, helpful, polite and most of all with lot of kindness. Who showed me kindness? Anika Botta. One of the bosses herself.

I am sold. I will only say good things about Botta Design Watches ever since those incidents.
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Conclusion: Bauhaus watches are simple, charming, easy on the eyes and it’s a timeless zeitgeist even as we marched into the 21st century. However, it’s not for everyone. Some folks like watches complicated and some folks like them simple. My wallet is thin most of the time because I like them both.

Botta Design’s Tres is a classic, timeless three handed Bauhaus Style watch, filled with many interesting and functional features. She’s versatile in many ways and suitable for almost all occasion. Botta Design’s unparalleled customer service brings an absolute peace of mind upon purchasing.

If I lose this watch for any god forbidden reason, I will purchase another in a heartbeat. Anika if you are reading this, thank you for taking care of my Tres and me over the years. If you come by to Singapore, allow me to buy you a nicely chilled Tiger Beer.
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Thanks and acknowledgement: Once again, thanks and shout out to Chef Willin Low and his wonderful team for permitting me to take photos in their premises. Make a reservation with them today! You can find them at 10A Upper Wilkie Rd, Singapore 228119 or
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The leather strap on my Botta Design’s Tres is conditioned and nourished by Strap Shine by Dicon. To find out more about this leather balm created exclusively for leather straps for watches, write to us at
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Stay tune for next week’s review. Until then, be kind to one another. Thank you.