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Metal Care

Precious and plated metal requires frequent care to maintain its shine. Tarnishing occurs as they react to the exposure of air, moisture, and dust, resulting in dark discoloration. Dicon® range of metal care products can help clean and polish jewelry and accessories, bringing new life and sparkles.

Other Products

Mould and stains can be seriously damaging to your precious leather or fabric accessories if not acted upon in time. Stay on top of mould and stain as soon as they arise by using mould and stain removing products by Dicon®.

Watch Care

Introducing: Strap Shine by Dicon® . Leather cleaner for Straps of timepieces. It is a well-balanced concocted balm with all natural minkoil and beeswax, leaving a non-sticky finishing. Strap Shine by Dicon® will clean, nourish and water proof, giving your leather straps the care that they deserve.

Sofa King Leather Cleaning Services

Sofa King Leather Cleaning Services, a part of Dicon® Leather Care, is established in 2016, servicing leather made items such as sofas, car seats, luxury handbags and other small goods, exclusively using Dicon® Branded leather care products.

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